Studio International

Published 09/03/2015

Andrea Mason: ‘If I had to be categorised really simply … I am an artist who writes’

Artist and writer Andrea Mason talked to us from her studio in Camberwell, south London about Literary Kitchen, the creative writing enterprise she founded, her collaboration with Philippe Bradshaw and the inspirations behind her current research and writing as art practice

Part one: On writing as art practice, and Andrea and Philippe: working with Philippe Bradshaw


Part two: Andrea Mason – an artist who writes, and Literary Kitchen


Andrea Mason, who is currently undertaking a PhD in creative writing at Goldsmiths, began her career as a visual artist, in collaboration with her then partner Philippe Bradshaw, whom she met in 1986. At the time, Bradshaw was studying fine art at Goldsmiths and Mason was studying German and Russian at King’s College London.

Mason’s collaborative and solo works have been exhibited throughout the UK; she has contributed to conferences and publications, and recently founded the creative writing enterprise Literary Kitchen. Awarded the UCL Advances Bright Ideas award in 2011, Literary Kitchen has grown out of Mason’s own practice, providing courses, events and mentoring to develop new writing. In 2014, she organised the inaugural Literary Kitchen Festival in Peckham, south London, which is now an annual event.

Interview and film by MK Palomar.