Studio International

Published 05/05/2015

Gordon Shrigley: ‘I wanted to use the possibilities of fine art to create an ambiguous utopian space’

Artist Gordon Shrigley has entered the fray for the 2015 general election, standing against sitting Labour MP Meg Hillier as a candidate for the Campaign party in Hackney South and Shoreditch

Practising artist Gordon Shrigley shows us round the exhibition that is also his campaign room ‘Project for an unidentified political object’ at the IMT gallery. Constructing a nexus of ideas from politics, space travel, and Utopian and Cosmism philosophy, Shrigley begins by telling us ‘Campaign is about the space of the imagination’, he goes on to explain the thinking around this current work and his position as an artist candidate for the upcoming election.


Gordon Shrigley: Project for an Unidentified Political Object
IMT Gallery, London
5 April – 10 May 2015

• See also Gordon Shrigley: ‘What I’m doing now is a form of performance art that combines the space of the gallery with the standard tropes of politics’

Interview and film by MK Palomar.