Studio International

Published 23/03/2015

Five Issues of Studio International at Raven Row

Studio international visited Raven Row in East London to talk to writer and curator Jo Melvin about the exhibition she has curated titled Five Issues of Studio International


The five issues of Studio International around which the exhibition is built were produced under the editorship of Peter Townsend between the mid-1960s and the mid-70s, a time when the role of sculpture directed a profound change in art. There was a revolutionary shift from post-constructivism and kineticism, through the abstract formalism at Saint Martin’s School of Art, to post-minimalism and, most recently, conceptualism.

Melvin’s exhibition displays some of the works, as well as some documentation of works written about in the five issues. The exhibition is constructed in such a way as to conjure into Raven Row’s gallery spaces, a contemporary conversation on making and thinking between then and now.

Studio International should acknowledge that visiting this exhibition gives us a unique and unusual opportunity for self-reflection – one that, clearly, cannot be completely objective.

Raven Row, London
26 February – 3 May 2015

Interview by MK PALOMAR