Studio International

Published 30/04/2013

New Order: British Art Today


Long associated with its support for emerging artists and early recognition of talents to watch out for, the Saatchi Gallery is now launching a new programme of exhibitions with the aim of enabling young graduates, based in the UK, to see their work displayed in a museum environment.


The first exhibition in this series, New Order: British Art Today, showcases the work of 17 up-and-coming artists.

The works on display are disparate, ranging from sculpture to painting, oils to industrial materials, kings and politicians to underpants and banana skins, but they are united by their shared investigation of 21st century living, in a culture where we are perpetually bombarded by imagery.

Greta Alfaro
Steven Allan
Sara Barker
James Balmforth
Charlie Billingham
James Capper
Amir Chasson
Nathan Cash Davidson
Nicolas Deshayes
Amanda Doran
Alejandro Guijarro
Dominic From Luton
Wendy Mayer
Natasha Peel
Guy Rusha
Rafal Zawistowski
Tereza Zelenkova