Studio International

Published 01/08/1965

Studio International – August 1965

Volume 170 Number 868


45  Editorial

46   K. F. Dahmen. Painter of Terrestial Formations/Hanns Theodore Fleming

52  Helen Frankenthaler/Dore Ashton

56   5 Spanish Painters/Marc Berkowitz

64  The Israel National Museum/Charles S. Spencer

70  Kupka/Jean Cassou

74   J. P. Hodin. European Critic/G. S. Whittet

76   Peter Lanyon. In Memoriam/J. P. Hodin

80  Visiting fire-eaters. London Commentary/G. S. Whittet

83   Martial Raysse on the move. Paris Commentary/Alexander Watt

86   3 centuries of American painting. New York Commentary/Dore Ashton

90  New Books


Editor/G. S. Whittet
Art Editor/David Pelham
Advertisement Manager/Michael Kinloch
European Artistic Director/Georges Salmann, Paris
Managing Director/Marcus Morris
Advertisement Director/Jack Blanche
Circulation Director/Allan Boddy