Studio International

Published 01/01/1965

Studio International – January 1965

Volume 169 Number 861


1  Editorial

2  The Peggy Guggenheim collection/Giuseppe Marchiori

8  Gallery going in Toronto/Dennis Young

16  Last summer on the Rhine and Ruhr/John Anthony Thwaites

22  Unconventional techniques in sculpture. New York Commentary/Dore Ashton

26  William Scott. The new book reviewed/G. S. Whittet

30  Paris Commentary/Michel Conil Lacoste

34  Pomodoro jewels

36  Richard Brown Baker. U.S. collectors of modern art 1 /Kenneth B. Sawyer

42  Refinements of the unique. London Commentary/G. S. Whittet

46  Siqueiros paints in jail/Irene Nicholson

48  New books


Editor/G. S. Whittet
Art Editor/David Pelham
Advertisement Manager/Michael Kinloch
European Artistic Director/Georges Salmann, Paris
Managing Director/Marcus Morris
Advertisement Director/Jack Blanche
Circulation Director/Allan Boddy