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Frank Auerbach: Paintings and Drawings 1954-2001

The paintings on show at the RA have an effect that it would have been impossible to anticipate; the...


Michael Andrews revisited

If there was ever a clearer purpose and definition of the respective rationale behind the division o...

Letter from Stockholm, September 2001

The newly opened memorial for Raoul Wallenberg (1912-1947) is a significant event in Stockholm...

Patrick Heron: the growing legacy of genius

The work of Patrick Heron is bound up with what is probably the most crucial series of events in...

Ken Kiff: obituary

The world of the imagination, like that of the dream has attracted many twentieth century artists, f...

Apocalypse: Beauty and Horror in Contemporary Art

The exhibition contains the work of thirteen artists (or partnerships) allocated thi...


ARCHIVE: Mario Merz

Contemporary online art journal with reviews, analysis and comment...

On Purpose: An enquiry into the possible roles of the computer in art

This is not another article about ‘computer art’...

Venice Biennale: the British five

“... this year’s selection of Caro, the Cohens [Bernard Cohen, Harold Cohen], Denny, and Richard...

An interview with Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp '...The whole of modern art—the Impressionists, the Fauves, the Cubists—the whole...

Venice Biennale: choosing the artists

“...in 1948, [at the Venice Biennale] ...Henry Moore walked off with the major Sculpture Prize...t...

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